Gold Line is fighting for a better world!
Everyone talks about it ...
But no one knows about ...
We are sitting on our beautiful world
all in the same boat - many people together,
let us give the possibility
that you can also discover the beauty.
What is Gold Line International?
With the international system gold line International
of mutual financial assistance,
you will at the top and have never again too little money.
Don't worry, there is no subscription,
no rip off anything illegal, no cheating, no Internet stress...
It is just a sophisticated system where everyone helps
everyone immediately and  the number of members increases in seconds...
Miss not this great  opportunity!
Just imagine that every person on earth would you pay $ 1.
That would not be hard for everyone and then you are a billionaire!  
But the question is - can it happen?
Well, all the ideas are really simple, you just have
to be able to implement them.
You just need a member of the international system
of mutual financial support are
 (Here is not traded with GOLD!)
and it can then every day from hundreds of remittances received in
your bank account.
There are no $ 1   -   but   $ 5 or $ 10 or $ 15
for each individual transfer.
Believe it only people from around the world
will gladly send you money.
Quite simply: you complete at Goldline.
But this is only on the invitation of a member
When registering, you pay a one time fee of $ 5
In addition, you donate $ 70 for 7 members 
the money will be transferred automatically
and immediately to the seven mentioned
in the invitation letter members  
and the Children's Aid WHOLE WORLD Charitable Fund.
Now you are a member.  
You will receive your invitation letter and are listed on Course 7th
Now you can advertise - canvassed by every member
you will receive $ 10 and move one place higher in the list.
the project "Gold Line International"
is one of the biggest international Sozial-Projects,
which the revolutionary idea of the
'CrowdFunding' illustrates.
International' Gold Line is an automated, standardized consignment system,
which every human being the free send
and receive financial assistance to
and from other people around the world.
Whole World Charitable Fund is the main part of the concept
of the company 'Gold Line International'.
Since it was introduced, the Fund has brought together
a huge number of benefactors.
Gold-Line International has from 8 to 9. November 2012
participated in the Russian Partner-Kongress race expo
and acted as the main sponsor of this event.
At this fair featured Gold Line the first and only
international Charity-Partner -program.
Convinced?!  You want to partner with Gold Line internationally?
Then sign up here via this link:
Is GoldLine a chain letter?
No, Goldline is no chain letter,
with a chain letter or snowball system someone wins always
only if one the uppermost position in the pyramid has reached.
However, with GoldLine you already earn the first money,
as soon as you have sponsored the first partner.
A chain letter also has always indefinitely levels,
thus down openly.
Then sometime more people are to be filled
quite purely computationally
necessarily around the 30th or 50-th level
than the earth has inhabitant.
With Goldline the levels are limited down to 7,
as soon as you have reached them
you are out from the system.
Alone in these 2 things you can recognize
which is GoldLine no chain letter.
BTW: not to be confused
all critics, doubters and other ...
Should Know that
'Gold Line International'
is not
There is the illegal pyramid under (Gold trade)
the social and legal
If you need help then mail to



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